Siglufjörður, August 4, 2017


More than 2,000 amateur UK golfers are currently engaged in trials of an innovative Icelandic food supplement which is used by natives in the country to defy their age.

The golfers, from right across the UK, participated in a health and fitness survey produced by Sports Marketing Surveys Inc, which was sent out to a HowDidiDo database of more than 500,000 golf club members. Consequently, more than 2,000 applied before the deadline to become part of the trial for Benecta® which looks to measure the effect of the supplement on the health, mobility and general well-being of regular golfers.

Anecdotal evidence collected during the last two years, since the product was launched in Iceland, suggests taking just two capsules every day can help alleviate symptoms often associated with ageing such as stiffness, aches and lethargy.

Regular golfer Geoff Corbett, 77, explained: “My playing buddies have remarked that I’m actually taking the club back further than I have been for many years and I can only put that down to improved mobility. I’ve also given up the electric trolley and I’ve started carrying my clubs on the golf course which is something I haven’t done for two-and-a-half years. Round about two thirds of a way around the golf course I got very tired and I was taking an energy drink to get me through the last six holes. Since taking Benecta, I’ve eliminated taking the energy drink and on top of that I feel less tired and more mobile. The only thing I can put it down to is the fact I’ve been taking Benecta for six months.”

Hilmar Janusson, chief executive of Genis hf, the biotech company behind Benecta, explained: “Benecta differs from standard chitosan because of a patented process affecting the short-chain variety which is of optimal formulation. The process of producing anecdotal evidence for the benefits from taking Benecta is a long and arduous one, but we’ve already received more than enough personal testimonials from satisfied users to know that this wholly natural product can and does make a difference”.

Created and based in Siglufjörður, a picturesque, small fishing town in northern Iceland, Benecta is the result of more than a decade of research and development into the use and benefits of short-chain chitosan – produced from sustainably sourced, natural, crustacean ingredients – to help support the body as it ages.

The founder of Benecta and Genis hf, 60-year-old Róbert Guðfinnsson, made his name in fisheries and aquaculture operations, being named Icelandic businessperson of the year in 2014. He explained: “The trials we are undertaking currently in the UK are purely to add weight to the testimonials we already have. It’s hard to sit down at your golf club and not be impressed when a club-mate turns around and tells you – like Geoff does – what a difference Benecta can make in just a couple of months.”

Born and raised in Siglufjörður, close to the Arctic Circle, Guðfinnsson has returned to the town, based Benecta there while employing 30 people and invested massively in the locale to make it a thriving community. Additionally, most of its population use Benecta on a daily basis.

Benecta® is available exclusively from the company via its online store at

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